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The Joy of Bubbles

Bubble Hints and Tricks

These hints and tricks come from several different bubble masters.


*To help bubbles last longer play with them after it has rained

*Making bubbles in the shade helps them stay longer

(the sun will dry them out)

*Make bubbles when there is little or no wind

*Keep bubble tools very wet / the wetter the better

*Bubble tools can be most anything even your hands.

Good Bubbles


Joy dish soap

Distilled Water

White Karo syrup


~~ 1 c Joy

~~ 15 c Distilled water

~~ 1/4 c Karo syrup

Better bubbles


Joy dish soap

Distilled Water

White Karo syrup



~~1 c Joy

~~10 c Distilled water

~~1/4 c White karo syrup

Bestest bubbles


Joy dish soap

Glycerin (found at a pharmacy)

White Karo syrup


~~1 c glycerin

~~1/4 c Joy

~~1/2 c Karo syrup


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