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      Brighteyes Learning
               Discovering the world through the eyes of a child!



           Discovering the world through the eyes of a child opens up a

         world of   wonder and excitement! You may never look at the

         world the same way again!


         Come inside and take a look around I promise we'll get curious,

          we'll get messy, we'll get silly, we'll even learn a thing or two

          while we're having fun! 


         This site is currently under construction!

         Pages that will be added are:

activities   science, math, music, creative arts, cooking, social studies, wood working, and dramatic play

recipes      rebus (picture recipes), plain text, child's point of view

wit & wisdom   children are good for speaking their mind and taking the world as it is.

concoctions  recipes play dough, paint, bubbles, and experiments, plus so much more!

links            some of my favorites and graphics provided by.



Glowing eyes jpg (c) Andria Stewart