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“Creation mix up”

~~Talk to the children about the things God made

Some examples are:







And so on.


~~Then ask the children if God put the stars at the bottom of a lake.

~~Waiting for them to answer

~~Explain that God did not put them there

~~Ask where did he put them?


~~Ask the children to jump up if you say something silly

~~And say where he really did put it.

~~Warn—“Be careful not everything may be silly”


Did God…

          Put the trees on the moon?

          Stack the mountains on the sun?

          Put the sun in the sky?

          Put the bushes on the stars?

Put grass on the hills?

Put water in the rivers?

Put oceans in the sky?


~~Use your imagination and come up with your own

~~Then give the children a turn to ask the questions.

~~When given the chance they will come up with some very silly maybe even a little bizarre.

~~Just have fun!


Adapted from Walk with me preschool

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