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What to save and what to do with them

Have a unique idea for recyclables, why not share them? Email Brighteyes Learning just use the form at the bottom of the page.
Crafts from recyclables. Just click on picture below.

Aluminum foil-- use for

  • For embosing
  • Painting with
  • Painting on (interesting results)
  • For pretend water/mirror
  • Personal work space (to keep table clean)

Buckles-- use for

  • Practice  

Confetti-- use for

  • Save the dots from hole punches
  • Fabric/ Plastic etc.. dots in science bottles 
  • Art area

Magazines-- use for

  • making masks (use different photos for eyes, mouth, etc..)
  • rebus recipes 
  • Art area
  • Wish lists

Paper bags-- use for

  • Homemade leather (coming soon to activities) 
  • Collection containers
  • Treasure maps

Seeds-- use for

  • Bird feed
  • Art area
  • Dry out and then plant
  • Dry sensory table 
Egg Shells use for--
  • color eggs (even if it is not Easter)
  • Use for mosiacs

Cardboard box  Use for---
  • Cars (just add wheels and a steering wheel)
  • Building blocks

For large appliance box---

  • Turn into a puppet stage.
  • Corner grocery or lemonade stand.
  • Build a tunnel using all kinds of sizes.

Newspapers--- use for:
  • Paper mache`
Tiolet roll tubes-- use for:
  • Tunnels for cars 
  • Bases to hold eggs
  • cars
  • Branches for tree

Bottles ( all kinds and sizes) -- use for:

  • NEW! Make animals /i.e. pig, dog, horse(*see activity page)
  • Science bottles
  • Mystery Jars
  • Bird houses
  • Rain catchers

Milk jug caps-- use for:

  • college materials
  • for wheels on cars
  • stamps
  • buttons
  • math counters

Pie tins-- use for

  • marbel painting
  • steering wheels
  • wheels

Wrapping paper tubes-- use for:

  • arms on a robot
  • tree branches
  • rain sticks
  • walking sticks
  • building


  • Use for marble maze (*directions coming soon on activity page)

Record player Use for--


  •  Spin art

Computer mouse use for--
  • Turn into a mouse
  • Turn into a whale
  • Paint and use for a Paper weight

Pocket shoe organizer  Use for--
  • Holding small craft items (* place a sample on the outside of each pocket)
  • Hold mittens and hats by the door labeled with each childs name.
  • Classroom mail for teachers or families even in the writing center for children's  post office mail.
  • Children's name tags

Wooden beads/ blocks/ scraps-- use for
  • Wood working
  • Art area
  • Counting
  • Construction
  • Beads for stringing

Popsicle sticks-- use for

  • Art area
  • Wood working
  • Cooking
  • Counting
  • Construction (great for roofs)

Socks-- use for

  • Puppets
  • Bean bags
  • Dolls
  • Dramatic play (casts for doctor play) 
  • Dust socks

Sponges (all kinds)-- use for

  • Painting
  • Sensory table
  • Dramatic play
  • Seed base (instead of peat moss)

** Use the sponge wands (for glasses) to stamp with, they come in many different shapes.


** For the wands that have the hollow handle(normally for dish soap) fill with paint.

CDs (used or damaged)-- use for
  • Spinners ( find it on activity page)
  • Sun catchers
  • Bird reflector(hang in cage)
  • Wheels for cars etc..(see activity page)


Paper use for--
  • Shreded paper to make homemade paper
  • Stuffing
  • Sensory table

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