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"You need only two tools

WD-40 and duct tape.

 If it doesn't move and it should, use WD-40.

If it moves and shouldn't, use the tape."


         There is a bit of truth to that humorous old saying!


Duct tape has so many uses in an early childhood classroom!
Here are a few suggestions:
  • As a do not cross (like into an adult only area)
  • To hang things up
  • To repair things (like book bindings, broken handles)
  • To attach things (like 2 pieces of wood or even the robot on the activities page)
  • With colored tape you can make a roadway or parking lots
  • Colored tape can be used for a map layout (green for parks, red for firestation, blue for police station)
  • To mark belongings
  • Seal caps on bottles
  • Cover up holes

Remember children can have a bad day too


Sometimes even adults don’t want to share their toys!


The Dollar bill store often is the best place to find inexpensive materials for projects and seasonal items.

Easy way to de-vein shrimp, just use tweezers. Grab hold at the end and pull gently it should slide right out

Need a splash guard for your pans? Use an old pie tin by poking holes in it so the steam escapes

Use a refrigerator magnet to retrieve a can lid when it drops inside after opening it.

Always ask if you can write on a child’s art work

Some children really do not like it when an adult "ruins" something they worked so hard on.


Help!! I can't get the color off of:
Hands, table, container, or what have you.
Use a sanitizing solution of bleach and water about 100ppm.
Then wash with soap.

Use a plastic table cloth on your art table.
It is easier to clean than the table surface and if it gets too bad you can throw it away
Tape butcher paper to your table.
Then when it is all filled up from the children's creative process, just hang it up with the sign that says "This is where our imaginations overflowed".  

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