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“I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before me.” 

Hold up one index finger for the number one. 

We worship one God.


“You shall not worship idols.” 

Hold up two fingers.  Put one finger down.

Should we worship more than one God?  No, two is too many!  One of them must be an idol, and we should not worship it! (Idols, false gods, are not only things like statues, but anything we place our ultimate trust and allegiance in, for example money or possessions.)  


“You shall not take the Lord’s name in vain.” 

Use three fingers to form the letter “W” which stands for “words.” 

Watch your words!  God wants us to use his name in loving, caring ways, as we pray and as we talk about him, not in swearing or in anger.


“Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy.” 

Hold up four fingers; fold your thumb under to let it rest. 

The thumb has the right idea.  It’s the Sabbath, and the thumb is following the commandment to take a day of rest.


“Honor your father and your mother.” 

Hold up all five fingers on one hand

As if, you are taking a pledge, to honor your parents.


You shall not kill. 

Hold up five fingers

With other hand make a pretend gun and shoot the five fingers.

God’s sixth commandment teaches us not to do what has become too commonplace in our society.


You shall not commit adultery. 

Place one hand flat

Stand two fingers on flat hand

Two fingers on the other hand are the man and woman to be married, standing in the church, making promises to each other.  This commandment calls for couples to keep the marriage promises they make.


You shall not steal.

Hold up four fingers on each hand.

If you stretch out your fingers slightly, these become the prison bars, which hold someone who was been arrested for stealing.


You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. 

Hold up five fingers on one hand and four on the other. 

Fold your second thumb under and turn your hand around, so the thumb is hiding. 

It is secretly going around telling the other four fingers on that hand, lies, and rumors about the five fingers on the other hand.  It is “bearing false witness,” as it talks behind people’s backs, spreading gossip, criticizing others without talking directly to the people involved.


Do not covet what belongs to your neighbor. 

Hold out your hands, palms up, and wiggle all ten fingers

To show that they’ve got the “gimmies.” 

Your fingers are saying, “Gimmie what belongs to my neighbor.  I want all those things my neighbor has.”  This is not the way God wants us to live.  


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