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CD Wheels

  • Large transportation stencils
  • CD's
  • Paper
  • Glue or tape

Use the CD's for the wheels on transportation art work.


  • CD's
  • Toilet paper or paper towel tubes
  • Shoe box or other small box
  • Tape or glue
  • Odds and ends

--Attach CD's to either side of a tube

-- Then attach box to tube

--Attach odds and ends for steering wheels or use a CD

Or other details for vehicle




CD Spinner
  • Old CD's (or ones you get in the mail)
  • String
  • Rubber bands

-- Use a hole punch and punch two holes across from each other closest to center hole

-- Take a length of string from child’s wrist to elbow

-- Thread string through hole punches

-- Tie ends together

-- Criss cross (make an x)

-- Hold string at either end and twirl several times

-- Pull tight

-- Watch it spin




-- Paint CD first

-- Spin on a finger for spin art

-- If using a rubber band make one cut

     Then thread through holes following rest of instructions


Don't have old or promotional CD's? Check local stores like Walmart. They offer free CD's to try aol and other services. 

Spin Art
-- Place CD on a wooden dowl or finger
-- while CD is spinning allow child to drip paint onto it
** It is better to use thick paint and leave undisturbed until completly dry.
Sun Catcher
-- CD's act like a prism
-- So place a string through a hole punched near edge (in one place)
-- Hang in a window that gets lots of sun
-- Or hang outside with several others to make a rainbow windchime.
** If the light hits it just right outside you may be able to see a rainbow
** Note-- I have had instances where we could not see a rainbow no matter what but when the sun hit it it did sparkle
** Also they do not make much sound but they wil spin in the wind.

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