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Who would have thought you could do so much more than shave with it.

Tub Paints


-- Just add food coloring or bio colors


-- Clean up—just rinse off with water

-- Optional—let your child splash off the tub and walls.




            -- On a tray or table (tape off work sections for table)

            -- Dispense an orange size ball of shaving cream

            -- Have the children use their fingers as their pencils

-- Clean up—use a dust pan or squeegee to scrape off excess, then with a damp towel wipe clean.


Color Mixing (I love using neon food colors for this)


            -- Cups or small bowls

            -- Food coloring or bio colors

            -- Spoon  


-- Fill cups with shaving cream

-- Add enough coloring to achieve desired color (remember you are adding it to a white base so colors will appear lighter)

-- Stir with spoon


** Some of the children in my class say these look like ice cream


-- Place cups in sensory table with spoons and let the children scoop out dollops of colors


** Some nice splatter effects happen this way


-- Then let them experiment with mixing the colors with ratios of 1-1, 1-2, etc…

-- Talk about the resulting colors

-- What happens when you mix all of the colors together?


-- Clean up—use a dust pan or squeegee to scrape off excess, then rinse table out.


** special note if you have trouble removing some color from hands or surfaces a mixture of bleach water at 100pm should get it out.

** Always have an adult use the bleach water to make sure it does not get into a Childs eyes.



Paper Dye


            -- Cups

            -- Shaving cream

            -- Food colors or bio colors

            -- Squeegee or plastic paint scrapper (different sizes)

            -- Card stock or heavy construction paper (project turns out best on card stock)


-- Squirt shaving cream into cups

-- Add coloring

-- Mix

-- Scoop out dollops onto card stock (in different colors for rainbow effect)

-- With squeegee or paint scrapper move shaving cream all over card stock

-- Wipe completely off with squeegee


** Results vary but you should end up with pretty colored paper any way you look at it.

* Inspired by a project presented by the ooey gooey lady at a conference held in Indianapolis earlier this year.
* Also by students in my class who decided to try "to wash the paper".

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