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**see below for extended directions.



  • **Sink or float (use different size containers with a variety of items)
  • Puddle jumping
  • Make your own rainbows (Strong sun and a spray of water)
  • Slip and slide (for older children-- you only need garbage bags a bit of dish soap and water)
  • **Rain dance (on a clear day have someone off to one side with a hose aimed up over their heads)
  • Rain shower (just hold hose pointing up)
  • Wet chalk painting
  • Sprinkler jump rope (works best with spigot sprinkler or just hold regular one on its side)
  • Water races (filling up bottles or milk jugs use a spoon, turkey bastes. Etc...)
  • Knock empty water bottles off a ledge or table with a hose 
  • **Color changing water
  • Water slide (just tape or hold hose on slide)
  • Splash fights
  • Water toss (fill a vinyl glove with water or plastic bags sealed tight)
  • Bike wash
  • Washing windows








Rain dance


  • Drum
  • Rain stick
  • Hose
  • Sneaky adult


-- Discuss how there was a time when people did not know where the rain came from.


-- Also how there was a time when they believed if they performed a certain dance they could make it rain themselves.


-- Ask if they think if they could make it rain by dancing

“Lets find out”


-- The Drum is for the thunder

The rain stick is the rhythm of the rain


-- Demonstrate dancing in a circle and invite the children to join in


-- Have the “sneaky” adult go to the side of the building or tree with the hose


-- After dancing around the circle a couple of times say “I think it looks like it’s going to rain”


-- At this cue the “sneaky adult turns on the “rain” aiming above their heads so water comes down like rain.



Color changing water


  • Clear cups
  • Food coloring
  • Water


-- Pour water into cups

-- Let water settle

-- Add 1-2 drops of coloring

-- Watch

-- How long does it take for all of the water to change colors?

-- What does the drop of color do?

-- With a cup that has yellow coloring

-- Let settle then add a drop of blue or green

-- What happens?


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