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Remember Tinker Toys? What about Erector Sets?
We can use PVC pipes in the same way.






  • 1   inch pvc elbows (2 pieces)
  • 2 inch pvc section


-- connect an elbow to each end of straight pipe


* Hint--

-- Make more than one

-- Add a string and attach to a second phone




  • 3 Pvc (4”or more diameter) pipes 6 feet long
  • Drill *Adult job
  • Rope ( long bolts will work too)
  • Tarp, king size sheet or butcher paper (6’x 10’ aprox.)


--Drill 2 holes in one end of each pvc pipe about 4” from end (Adult job)

--Stand them up like a tripod

--Knot one end of rope

--Thread through holes

--Knot after each hole (you can omit this step just make sure you pull the rope very tight)

--After threaded through all holes—

--Wrap around pipes at least 3 times.

--Secure with a knot

--Wrap chosen covering around poles

--Trim excess from bottom or

--Make a slit on bottom of covering for each of the poles to slide into




--” diameter pvc pipe

--Duct tape instead of rope

--8 poles (sturdier) instead of 3

--Empty Butcher paper roles will work too.





  • Pvc pipes various sizes and shapes
  • Pvc connecters







  • Pvc pipes various sizes and shapes
  • Pvc connecters








--Small openings

--Large openings


--Store in a large tote


All you have to do is show them once how the pipes connect. 

Soon they will be making all kinds of shapes and constructions.


Looking for something a little different? Clear PVC pipes, acrylic frames or clear tubing can be used as decorations.

** craft stores sell containers for this purpose

  • Gum balls (unwrapped)
  • Various candies (it is best to use candy coated or hard candies)
  • Marbles
  • Super balls
  • Christmas lights
  • Colored Styrofoam beads
  • Beads
  • Glitter
  • Baby oil
  • Jewelry findings

-- Fill pipe, box, tubing, or whatever

*Use interesting color combinations and patterns

*If you use baby oil (like a lava lamp or science bottle) you may want to consider using a waterproof caulk to seal it shut.

Random Activities


  • Clear pvc pipes
  • Marbles
  • Cars
  • Small balls

--Raise pipes at an angle

--Race marbles or whatever down the pipes

--What comes out first?

--Why do you think________ came out first?

Marble Maze


  • (Clear) pvc pipes or plastic tubing various sizes and shapes
  • Connections
  • Marbles / small balls


-- Hold the tubing at different angles

-- Roll marbles down the tubes or small cars


-- With different sizes and shapes make a marble maze

-- See if you can get your marbles to come out. Try twisting and turning the tubes .

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