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Stars are a mystery to children,

These tiny lights that shine in the night sky are a mystery

How do they sparkle?

Where do they plug in?

Why can’t I catch a falling star?

Why can’t I see them during the day?


The questions are endless and the night sky is a common theme in early childhood centers.  These activities are designed to bring the night sky indoors to use with a night time theme and in conjunction with others like camping.


Starry shade--


  • Window shade
  • Black paint
  • Nails (blunt points will work too) or hole punch
  • Sunny window (optional)


--Unroll shade and paint black

--Let dry

** For nails—

--Once dry place on grass or other soft surface

--Poke holes in spirals and other random or constellation patterns

--Hang in a sunny window and pull down


** For hole punches-

--Try folding shade a bit to put punches all over shade

--This will actually give you 2 holes at once



--Use a spiked pizza cutter

--Leather stampers


Other options for an indoor star filled sky
*Glow in the dark star and planet stickers.
*Glow in the dark star ball (inflatable)
*Dark blue or black butcher paper
-- Poke holes in paper and hang in a bright window.
--No window? Hang in front of a bright light (not on it)



Starry sky  (this is an adult project)


  • Wooden frame/ box

**an old dresser drawer with the bottom taken out will work

** I like the long wide drawers for this

  • Christmas lights (white, blue, and red)

** use color lights sparingly to mimic real stars

  • Sheer dark blue or black fabric a bit longer and wider than frame
  • Stiff floral wire or old coat hanger
  • Staple gun



--Anchor lights to one side of frame with staple gun

--About 1-2 inches from top/ bottom edge of frame

--Use floral wire or hanger to make a spiral pattern

--String lights along the wire and anchor to other side of frame

--Anchor with staples




--String lights in frame

--Anchor to each side of frame with staples

--About 1-2 inches from top/ bottom edge of frame


**Fold edge (all sides) of fabric over about 2 inches for hem

--Do this 2 times

--Staple to frame

--Stretch over frame and staple on the inside edge of frame

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