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Remember to use safety gear; gloves, goggles, etc.. and to always supervise children in small groups when doing any woodworking activities.

Please remember it is the process not the product that counts. If a child chooses not to finish their product please do not finish it for them. When you do it is no longer the child’s project, it becomes “Look what the teacher made for me!”

Name plate

This project can take many days to complete if they get tired.

If the children know they can finish it or not when they feel like it they may go back to it on their own. Name plate



Wood plaque about ”—1” inch thick

Hand drill

Sand paper

Colored paper or artwork

Tape or glue




Print Childs name (or initials) on board



 Use large lettering or stencils


Tap some starter holes if child needs help

Allow children to drill on/in the lines



The thicker the line the easier it is for them to drill into.


After holes are drilled sand the wood to remove any splinters



Use an emery board for inside the holes


Remove any dust

Tape or glue colored paper art work to the bottom of plaque

The color or artwork will show through the holes----- very nice effect even if only one or two holes are drilled



2 pieces of wood same size ( 6 inches)

1 piece of wood half of other pieces (3-4 inches)



Lay one larger piece of wood flat on work surface

Glue second piece (as shown) about 1 inch from the top



Like the letter t


Glue third smaller piece towards the bottom

About 1 inch from bottom



Like an up side down t


Allow to dry

Decorate if desired



Glue milk jug caps to bottom for wheels

Geo board


Nails (with large heads


Colored yarn

Wood (aprox. 3 inch thick)




Draw a design for children to follow (ie. Flower)


Allow children to hammer nails into wood

Tie yarn to one nail

Wrap yarn around each nail



Wrap yarn around nails several times for a more dramatic look


Tie yarn off on last nail

Secure knots with glue

Lock plaque


Project 3


Hook and eye

Door bolt

Various fasteners, latches, catches, and hooks (including nails or screws)

Wood (I recommend 12”x12” inches)



Sand wood to remove any splinters

Dust off

Apply fasteners, latches, catches, etc..

Following general installation directions

Allow for about to 1 inch between different locks


Wood chimes


Number of clothes pins depends on how many holes you make


Juice can lid or coffee can lid

Round clothes pins

Yarn or lanyards

Eye screws (small) or jewelry finding hooks (like for a necklace clasp)




Beads or small bells





You may want to install eye screws before hand

Otherwise pre start holes with hammer and nail or eye screws


Poke holes around inside lip of lid (one hole in center of the others for striker)

Screw eye screws into clothes pins

Cut yarn to various lengths



Remember you want the clothes pins to bang into each other


Tie one end of yarn to eye screws

Add beads or bells (I recommend only 1 bell per clothes pin)

Thread through hole in lid (bottom through to top)

Tie a knot

Secure all knots with a drop of glue

Hang from hook, tree, or overhang


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